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Rays 2, Bucs 6: Snell’s first game back is somewhat lackluster

The game is essentially over by the fifth inning.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s game ended very quickly. I mean, technically, it ended after 8.5 innings, but it sure felt like it was over before it was actually, technically over. Quite the shame, because plenty were all excited about Blake Snell’s return in a major league mound. Myself included. I wanted to see Snell make a triumphant return to the mound, a totally new player with everything handled.

Unfortunately, as we saw, it was more of the same. Snell walked five men in five innings, and allowed four runs in an agonizing first inning. Although Longoria doubled in Corey Dickerson to score the first run for the Rays, it would account for fifty percent of all the runs scored by the Rays in the game. Three walks and a wild pitch in the first gave the Buccos four runs, and this would actually account for all he runs they would need the entire game. Double, in fact. A darn shame.

In the third the Rays scored the last run of the game. Well, the last run that they would score, not the last run ever. At least, hopefully not. I really hope they score more runs between now and the end of time. Dickerson and Longo led off the inning with a single and a double respectively, and Wilson Ramos hit the ball far enough to score Dickerson on a sacrifice fly.

Blake Snell, in the fourth, allowed a leadoff homer to Josh Bell for the only home run in the fourth inning. Snell allowed another two-out hit, this time a double, to allow yet another Pirates run. This put the Pirates up 6-2, the eventual final score of the game. Of course, no one knew this at the time. But I know it right now, looking at the game from the future. Look at me, I’m from the future! Flying cars and universal healthcare are available for everyone! Also we colonized the moon! Go Rays.

Although the game was pretty much over by the fifth, it’s worth noting the effort put in by the bullpen. Snell lasted five innings, and allowed five walks and four hits, but collected six strikeouts. The bullpen, however, pitches three innings, and only allowed three early hits, all by Farquhar, who was DFA’s earlier tonight. Jumbo Diaz pitches a clean seventh and collected two K’s, and Erasmo pitched a clean eighth with one K to his name. This was a rather successful bullpen outing for a bullpen that has been struggling mightily as of late.

Blake Snell walked in the fourth inning, which is also pretty cool. At least now he knows how it feels to walk people. It’s pretty cool. Maybe it’ll happen less now.

Tomorrow Archer faces off against Jameson Taillon, in a battle of good pitchers. Hopefully the Rays will be able to sneak out of Pittsburgh with a win.