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Corey Dickerson takes lead in All-Star Game voting

Don’t let up, keep voting for Corey Dickerson!

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


It’s happening!

Corey Dickerson has taken over the lead in the All-Star Game voting as the latest update shows that he has surpassed Nelson Cruz of the Seattle Mariners and currently holds a 59,000 vote lead over him.

The last update, which came just two days ago, had Dickerson trailing Cruz by over a 100,000 votes, since then, Dickerson has received almost 350,000 votes to surge past Nelson Cruz.

Corey Dickerson has been surging up the ballot since the first tallies were counted back in early June and now he has finally reached the top of the list and now he just needs to maintain his lead in order to become the first Rays player to start an All-Star Game since the Rays had three players do it back in 2010.

Dickerson is certainly worthy of the spot as he currently sits among the league leaders in numerous categories. He is actually tied for the league lead in average and he also has the most hits in the league as the first player in the AL to reach triple digits (103). Corey Dickerson has also accrued 3.0 fWAR which is the 4th most in the AL, despite being limited to DH duty most nights.

The polls are still open, so keep it up and get Corey Dickerson into the All-Star Game!