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A Truly Bizarre Play

Just your traditional everyday 8-6-7-2 putout.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Last night’s game between the Chicago White Sox and Tampa Bay Rays featured one of the most bizarre plays you’ll ever see in a baseball game.

To set the scene, Willy Garcia of the White Sox is up one one out in the top of the third inning facing Jake Odorizzi. The Rays had just taken the lead in the bottom of the second and were looking for Odorizzi to keep it that way. However, Odorizzi quickly fell behind Garcia 2-0. Then Odorizzi threw a fastball that caught way too much of the plate.

Garcia sliced the ball the other way to right field, Steven Souza looked to have a beat on it but underestimated the trajectory and it soared over his head and bounced against the wall. Garcia by that time was rounding first and hustling to second, knowing full well that Kevin Kiermaier played the carom and would rocket the ball back towards the infield.

Kiermaier’s throw was a bit off target though and Tim Beckham had to head towards the pitchers mound to attempt to reel in the errant throw. Beckham was able to stop the ball, but couldn’t corral a short hop and the ball skipped a few feet away from him. Garcia had just slid in safely at second, but seen the ball bounce away from Beckham, so Garcia decided to go for third.

Beckham hoped to redeem himself by attempting to throw out Garcia at third base, but his throw airmailed Longoria at third base and the ball went towards the White Sox bullpen area. Fortunately, Peter Bourjos did an incredible job of covering a lot of ground to back up the play.

Bourjos fielded the ball in shallow left field just as Garcia started his mad dash for the plate. Bourjos delivered a great throw on hop to beat Garcia to the plate and Derek Norris applied the tag just in the nick of time to record the out.

Just your traditional, everyday, 8-6-7-2 putout.