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Brandon Lowe, Yonny Chirinos are the Rays’ minor league players of the month

Brandon Lowe and Yonny Chirinos were voted the best player and pitcher in the organization in May

Yonny Chirinos has pitched well consistently over the last two seasons
Jim Donten

We received 53 votes, and Charlotte second baseman Brandon Lowe and Durham right-handed pitcher Yonny Chirinos were chosen as the Rays’ minor league player and pitcher of the month.

A month after finishing third in April’s player of the month voting, Lowe took 22 votes for a comfortable plurality win. His six home runs (Robbie Tenerowicz) and 17 walks (Braxton Lee) were both tied for first in the organization, and his nine doubles were second (Grant Kay with 11).

Bowling Green shortstop Lucius Fox placed second, and Durham outfielder Shane Peterson was third.

On the mound, Chirinos paced the field with 21 votes. In May, he led the organization with 38 innings pitched. His 0.79 WHIP was first among starters, and his five walks were fewest among the pitchers who threw 30-plus innings in the month.

Bowling Green lefty Brock Burke finished second, and Charlotte lefty Genesis Cabrera was third.

All eight players in each poll received at least one vote.