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Talkin’ Tampa at the MLB All-Star Game Press Conference

Today’s All-Star press conference was a delightful experience, and Brett Phillips was there to cover it with his dad’s camera phone.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Sale and Max Scherzer were announced as the All-Star Game starters, but of course you already knew that. You probably knew that because I tweeted it out before just about any other press person in the area. When you’re in a race, you take any advantage possible, and I’ve been texting people since high school. Fast fingers, baby.

But you didn’t click on this article to read about the starters again. You clicked on it to hear the managers and the starters talk about either the state of Florida, or the Tampa Bay Rays.

Well aren’t you in luck. I, using feats of strength previously unknown to man (i.e. holding up a phone for about a minute) managed two get two separate recordings of Joe Maddon and Brad Mills talking about topics that are likely to interest you.

Here’s one of Brad Mills discussing the role of Kevin Cash in the All-Star Game:

If you were able to hear any of that (there was a giant fan that they would not turn off, no matter how loudly and often I asked) you heard Mills briefly discuss Cash’s upcoming role in the game.

“His knowledge of a lot of guys who have played in the Eastern Division...we’ll be talking about that, we’ll be talking about one or two things.”

Good to hear Cash is getting a well-deserved seat at the big boy table.

“It’s a treat and a pleasure to have him.”

I’m pretty sure Mills was talking about me here. Like 96% sure.

I know you’re exhausted already by this premium content, but strap on your seat belts because we’ve got one more mega-sized video just for you. This one starts off slower, because my giant hand was covering the microphone, but hang tight and you’ll be treated with a cornucopia of quotes.

If you were able to hold on long enough you heard Chris Sale discuss the role that playing this game in his home state of Florida means to him:

“At the end of the day it’s something that I’ll never forget.”

Me neither, Chris. Perhaps most interesting, however, was Joe Maddon’s very diplomatic approach to his time in Tampa Bay:

“Me personally I got my start in Tampa Bay and I’m eternally grateful to them for getting that to happen...but I’m only sitting her based on the efforts of the 2016 Cub players.”

“Yesterday was kind of an awkward moment for me...great players in Chicago and great players in Tampa Bay, so I’m eternally grateful to the players.”

Honestly, I’m grateful to Joe too. Miss ya, Joe.