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MLB All-Star Game 2017 Starting Lineups

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Corey Dickerson will bat 7th for the American League as the starting DH

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The All-Star Game starting lineups were announced earlier today and Corey Dickerson will be hitting seventh of the American League All-Star squad after being voted in as the starting designated hitter.

Joe Maddon pulled a good move for the National League team as he inserted Giancarlo Stanton as the team’s starting Designated Hitter, batting second. Stanton wasn’t voted to start the game, but was still selected to be an All-Star.

Brad Mills, who took over for Terry Francona, called Dickerson a special type of player.

So far this year, Corey Dickerson has been one of the top players in all of baseball as he has accrued 2.8 fWAR which puts him among the top 10 players in the American League. Over the course of 85 games this season, Dickerson has slashed .312/.355/.548 with 17 home runs, good for 139 wRC+.

Dickerson isn’t the only player who will be representing the Rays in Miami, as Chris Archer was selected to the squad as a replacement player. Chris Archer is currently ranked as the 5th best pitcher in all of baseball in terms of fWAR.

Archer just pitched on Sunday, but he has bee cleared to play on Tuesday by the Rays as it will take the place of his traditional bullpen session.