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Chris Archer talks Home Run Derby, All-Star Game, and Aaron Judge

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One of the more popular “tables” during Media Day in the AL Player Interview room was that of Chris Archer, the only Rays pitcher selected for the All-Star Game this week in Miami.

This is Archer’s second All-Star Game, but with his easy confidence you would be forgiven for thinking that Arch was a serious All-Star vet.

I asked Archer a couple of questions during the very short time that reporters can ask stuff.

On Aaron Judge, the possible new Face of Baseball

While I personally couldn’t call him the Face of the Game right now, Archer’s measured and thoughtful response is sorta hard to argue with. Judge playing in NYC gives him a huge leg up on even Mike Trout, who enjoys a very large market in LANAHEIM.

Speaking of, Judge lit up the competition in the Home Run Derby Judge’s ranking.

Derby Day

Here’s what Arch had to say about the impact of the Derby as it stands now:

What the ASG really means

Archer also went over the impact of the All-Star Game and what it’s like now that home field advantage doesn’t come with the winner anymore.

And a personal anecdote

Finally, the big man himself relays a bit of surprising information about the flight to Miami, hours after the Rays beat the Red Sox 5-3 at Tropicana Field to close out the first half of the season.

Also, Mookie Betts is a pilot??? Let’s all say thank you to Mookie Betts for not forcing an emergency landing.