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Rays 2, Angels 1: Late night with the Rays pays off!

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If the Rays lost this extra inning West Coast game I’d be a little more than peeved. Thankfully they didn’t.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight was a fantastic extra-inning game that the Rays managed to eke out, against a fabulous Angels bullp-

Look. We all know what’s going on here. You didn’t watch this game. Don’t lie to me. I know it’s true. I can see you through the computer screen. Jeez, you really have to clean this thing.

And I’m not mad! Honestly, I’m not. Why would you watch the game? It’s a West Coast game and it ended well after 1 AM. Extra innings on the West Coast? Recipe for disaster. Maybe you watch the first bit, and maybe you were heartened by the first inning Evan Longoria home run, his 13th of the year. Maybe you turned it off afterwards, hoping that the Rays would stay winning simply because you stopped watching, as if the momentum of ignorance would glue the game in place.

Perhaps you turned it off when Pujols responded in the bottom of the second with a home run of his own. Maybe you saw Jacob Faria seemingly start to unravel with a quick double right after that. “If I turn it off now, I won’t have to see the collapse,” you thought. “Surely the clock is striking midnight on Faria tonight.” You have plenty of reasons to believe that, certainly. These are both plenty good reasons to turn the game off, but what is unassailable is that you turned the game off.

Again, no shame in it. It’s late for everyone, especially me. So here what I’ll do: I’m going to give you just enough information about the game to give you the gist of it all. You’ll get stats, excellent performances, and critical innings. The standard ebb and flow of the game will be condensed into a wonderful Pocket Reader of a 3 hour and 4 minute game. This will not be too difficult, as tonight’s performance was a pitching-dominated affair, as both teams totaled only 9 hits together! The Rays were held hitless for a staggeringly long stretch of time, and the Angels blew chances to bust the game open. See? I’m already doing it! What a good friend I am to you. With this information, you can sound like a true pro at the watercooler tomorrow, assuming you work weekends. Please do not forget my sacrifice when Christmas comes around.

  • Faria worked out of trouble in the second, third, and fourth innings. These were critical moments for Faria, as the Angels could easily have taken the lead—and likely, the game—with a timely hit. In each inning, an Angel was in scoring position with only one out—and in the third and fourth, a runner reached third base! A lack of capitalization, however, kept the game tied, as Faria managed to collect outs to wrap up the innings each time.
  • Faria then retired the side until the seventh, pitching 6.2 innings, striking out 4 and walking 2. Kolarek hit the one batter he entered to face, but Tommy Hunter collected an all-too-important Mike Trout out to end the inning.
  • After Longo’s leadoff double in the seventh, no Ray got a hit until extra innings, when back-to-back two out hits by Wilson Ramos and Brad Miller (his came on a 1-2 count!) implausibly gave the Rays the lead. Miller’s high drive to right-center came on a ball that nearly touched the ground, but Miller golfed it off the wall to drive home the lumbering Ramos with ease.
  • Colome had a 1-2-3 inning! That ended with a strikeout of Mike Trout! A man whose name rhymes with “strikeout!” Oh, kizmet.

You did well to read this recap, and you may now call yourself a true fan. Look upon all those other fake fans and laugh!