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Logan Morrison still has a shot at the All-Star Game

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The Rays’ first baseman can make it to Miami yet.

Tampa Bay Rays v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Logan Morrison deserves to go to the All-Star Game.

Let’s just state the obvious right away. Morrison has been quietly having one heck of an amazing season, and he has the kind of shiny stats that should have him in the lineup for the game in Miami on July 11. His teammate Corey Dickerson — also deserving — will be there, but Morrison didn’t even make the reserve round.

He did, however, make it into the Final Vote category, which means with enough fan support, he could very well be heading to Miami with Dickerson in a week.

In case you weren’t paying attention or aren’t sure why Morrison deserves to go (or you’re just a non-Rays fan looking for someone to support and want back up documentation), here’s the lowdown:

  • Morrison is hitting .256/.364/.581, with a career high OPS of .946
  • He currently has 24 home runs at the halfway mark of the season. The only player who has more is this guy in New York named Aaron Judge. Two other players have tied with Morrison at 24, and they happen to be Cody Bellinger and George Springer. What do those three guys have in common? Judge, Bellinger, and Springer are all starting in the ASG.
  • Morrison is leading the Rays in RBIs (57) and has the team’s highest OPS, better even than Dickerson’s .936 (and Dickerson leads the team in hits (104) and runs (60))
  • Defensively, he currently leads the MLB in putouts at first base with 623.
  • His WAR is a very healthy 2.7

Long story short, Logan Morrison DESERVES to be at the All-Star Game, not just because the Rays should have more players there, but because he’s one of the best players in baseball right now, and isn’t that what the ASG should be about?

So get onto social media and tag your tweets #GoLoMo and let’s get Morrison to the game. Hit up the vote link below, too. Get those votes in. It worked for Dickerson.