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Rays have the ultimate troll for visiting managers

Nothing like a reminder of your least golden moments

In most visiting clubhouses, there’s not much personality. Bare walls, basic necessities, nothing to make the place feel like home. A manager’s office might feel like an empty box, devoid of any warmth. And why not, it’s not up to the home team to make the visitors feel too welcome.

The Rays decided to shake things up by providing a little art on the walls of the visiting manager’s office, a way to make managers feel right at home.

Thanks to this clever little photographic display, no matter what manager is visiting the stadium, they’ll have to look at one of their finest managerial moments on display.

It’s a pretty incredible bit of trolling on the part of the Rays. Wonder if this helped motivate Terry Francona’s desire to tease Kevin Cash so publicly every time the Rays head to Cleveland.