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Seven Rays in’s Mid-Season Top 100

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Brent Honeywell unseats Willy Adames as the Rays number one prospect.

MLB: All Star Game-Futures Game Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports has released their mid-season update, and the Rays have a new number one prospect, as well as seven prospects listed in the top 100. That total puts them only behind the Atlanta Braves (9) and Chicago White Sox (8).

Unlike for the Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus mid-season prospect lists, new draftees and international signees are eligible for the list. The list also includes players currently in the majors who haven’t yet gone over the rookie eligibility requirements. For pitchers this is 50.0 innings pitched and 130 at bats for position players.

Top 100

#14. Brent Honeywell, RHP (Pre-season #31)
#18. Willy Adames, SS (Pre-season #21)
#23. Brendan McKay 1B/LHP
#77. Jesus Sanchez, OF
#85. Jake Bauers, 1B/OF (Pre-season #76)
#95. Jake Faria, RHP
#99. Jose De Leon, RHP (Pre-season #33)

Brent Honeywell jumps Willy Adames to claim the top spot on the Rays Top 30. The top end of the top 100 list is full of hitters, and Honeywell is the third-ranked pitcher, behind Michael Kopech (12) and Walkler Buehler (13).

Willy Adames is the fourth-ranked shortstop. Brendan McKay comes in as the highest-ranked first baseman, but he isn’t ranked in the top 10 for left handed pitchers. Jesus Sanchez jumps into the top 100 for the first time.

Jake Faria sits at exactly 50.0 innings pitched, so will remove him from the list after he gets one more out.

Jose De Leon saw the largest drop of anybody still ranked. He just managed to hold on at the very bottom of the list. There were 19 players who were ranked pre-season and remain eligible for the list, but who were removed entirely. Recently-traded Tyler O’Neil was the highest ranked at 36.

Rays Top 30

#1. Brent Honeywell, RHP
#2. Willy Adames, SS
#3. Brendan McKay, 1B/LHP
#4. Jesus Sanchez, OF
#5. Jake Bauers, 1B/OF
#6 Jacob Faria, RHP
#7 Jose De Leon, RHP
#8 Wander Franco, SS
#9 Joshua Lowe, OF
#10 Garrett Whitley, OF
#11 Casey Gillaspie, 1B
#12 Justin Williams, OF
#13 Lucius Fox, SS
#14 Austin Franklin, RHP
#15 Adrian Rondon, 3B
#16 Michael Mercado, RHP
#17 Genesis Cabrera, LHP
#18 Brock Burke, LHP
#19 Joe McCarthy, 1B/OF
#20 Brandon Lowe, 2B
#21 Yonny Chirinos, RHP
#22 Chih-Wei Hu, RHP
#23 Ryne Stanek, RHP
#24 Jaime Schultz, RHP
#25 Ryan Yarbrough, LHP
#26 Ryan Boldt, OF
#27 Nick Ciuffo, C
#28 Taylor Walls, SS
#29 Zach Rutherford, SS
#30 Kevin Padlo

Four recent draft picks enter the list in Brendan McKay, Michael Mercado, Taylor Walls, and Zach Rutherford. The Rays big splash in the international free agent market, Wander Franco, slots into the rankings at number eight.

Brock Burke, at number 18, is the highest-ranked new appearance that has previously been with the organization.

Chih-Wei Hu saw the biggest drop from 8th to 22nd.

Overall the Rays have had a productive year on the farm. There are have been a few disappointing seasons, but they have mostly been outweighed by good performances. The Rays also added significant prospects in the draft and through the international free agent process, hopefully setting them up well to be competitive in future seasons.