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Baseball America’s updated 2017 Tampa Bay Rays Top 10 prospect list

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Tampa Bay Rays Photo Day Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Baseball America updated their Top 10 prospect list for the Tampa Bay Rays, and boy does it have strong opinions at No. 1 and No. 8.

The following are some limited quotes from the full article, which is behind a paywall:

1. Willy Adames, SS

Evaluators almost unanimously consider him a future No. 2 hitter and the Rays shortstop of the future.

Hot take interpretation: Adames fixed updated the timing of his throws and his swing and as of June 1 is on fire, on both sides of the ball, prompting the above quote. This is the loudest, most ringing endorsement we’ve ever seen written about Adames, and it’s about time.

2. Brent Honeywell, RHP

evaluators consider him almost on par with Adames ... with three plus pitches and two above-average ones

3. Brendan McKay, 1B/LHP

regarded as one of college baseball’s top two-way talents of all-time.

4. Jake Bauers, OF/1B

Bauers continues to show advanced hitters instincts and has improved his bat speed... many believe Bauers will have to DH primarily in the majors.

5. Jesus Sanchez, OF

Sanchez is now 6-3, 210 ... with his tantalizing offensive potential.

6. Jacob Faria, RHP

Nothing special to quote here, but there’s special attention to the changes made by Triple-A pitching coach Kyle Snyder. BA says Faria is here to stay.

7. Jose De Leon, RHP

Injuries continue to plague De Leon to the point they are starting to sap his stuff.

8. Casey Gillaspie, 1B

Ok here’s the fire.

It has been a disastrous season for Gillaspie both stat-wise and in how evaluators view him. Scouts throughout the game have been searing in their reviews of Gillaspie, citing poor athleticism and no tool even average in their view. Gillaspie has not been able to prove otherwise, with his feel to hit and power production completely muzzled from both sides of the plate.

Hot take interpretation: Gillaspie is a first round draft pick, and was the best college hitter in his class. Now his story seems to be going the way of Richie Shaffer, who had the exact same backstory.

9. Chih-Wei Hu, RHP

Nothing special to quote here either. The conversion to relief is what has Hu lower on the list, but BA still sees a major league talent, which makes it curious that he ranks below Gillaspie.

10. Justin Williams, OF

a promising foundation to build off of


RISING: 2B Brandon Lowe boasts (Class A+); RHP Ryne Stanek (Triple-A); LHP Ryan Yarbrough (Triple-A)

FALLING: OF Josh Lowe (Class A Bowling Green); OF Garrett Whitley (Class A Bowling Green); 3B Adrian Rondon (Class A Bowling Green)

GRADUATING: INF Daniel Robertson; LHP Jose Alvarado; RHP Austin Pruitt