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The Rays upcoming schedule is brutal

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Yankees, and Astros, and Indians... oh my!

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

So it begins...

The Tampa Bay Rays are about to embark on possibly the toughest part of the schedule they’ll play this year.

Starting tonight, they travel up to New York to take on the Yankees for a four-game series. Immediately following that, they’ll travel to Houston for another four-game set, with the Houston Astros. Then, without the benefit of an off day, they’ll head back to the Trop to take on the Milwaukee Brewers.

After the luxury of an off day on the 7th, they’ll welcome the Boston Red Sox to town for a brief two-game series, which will be followed by a four-game series against the Cleveland Indians.

That will be 17 games over 18 days against the three current AL division leaders, the AL Wild Card leader, and the second place team in the NL Central.

  • New York Yankees, currently 53-46, 1 game back in the AL East, .5 game lead in the Wild Card
  • Houston Astros, 67-34, 17 game lead in the AL West
  • Milwaukee Brewers, 54-49, .5 games back in the NL Central
  • Boston Red Sox, currently 56-47, 1 games lead in the AL East
  • Cleveland Indians, currently 54-45, 1.5 game lead in the AL Central

The next three weeks will be critical in deciding the Rays playoff hopes, as a prolonged slump could lead them being dismissed early, while a sudden winning streak could see them surge to the top of the standings.