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Vote for Logan Morrison and Justin Bour for the All-Star Game

Let’s send the two Florida based players to the All-Star Game in Florida

MLB: Miami Marlins at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Stephenson of Fish Stripes approached us about campaigning for Justin Bour and Logan Morrison as the two players that should win the Final Vote and get into the All-Star Game. He has already shared our article on Logan Morrison on the Fish Stripes page, so we’re extending the same courtesy.

Justin Bour has given the Marlins everything they could have asked for. The Marlins first baseman announced on Monday that he, in all his 6'4", no-batting-gloves glory will be replacing Marcell Ozuna in the HR Derby. While the Derby is a great show, it isn't the full reward that Bour deserves, especially considering this year's crop of first baseman candidates. Justin Bour deserves to be in Midsummer Classic itself.

Despite a slow start and a bum ankle, Bour had had a fantastic season. Batting 289/.362/.553 with 18 home runs puts him on par or above all other Final Vote candidates other than the wildling Justin Turner. However, batting against lefties this season Bour has hit .323 with six home runs. While Bour isn't able to hold a starting spot at the Allstar Game, he deserves to be home in Miami with Giancarlo Stanton and Ozuna. At the very least, his dance moves should be enough to seal the deal.

Entering into the ASG Final Vote, the Marlins and Rays have teamed up to punch in their two deserving candidates: Logan Morrison and Justin Bour.

We here at Fish Stripes and D Rays Bay have decided to follow suit. So go vote here for LoMo and Bour an unlimited number of times on this wonderful 4th of July holiday. Let's vote together and punch in some Sunshine State superiority. What could be more American than that?