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Rays Tank: We're never going to lose again

97-65, here we come

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays managed to grasp victory from the jaws of defeat in Tuesday night’s win over the Toronto Blue Jays, giving their fans a nice mini-heart attack in the late innings before prevailing 6-5. The win ensures the Rays that they will end their series ahead of the Jays in the standings and gives them two straight victories, a sentence which actually doesn’t sound ridiculous given how hard a time the team has had putting together consecutive victories over the past month (first multi-game win streak since August 3).

The Rays still sit four games out of the second wild card spot, but there are now only five teams above them thanks to passing Baltimore once again last night. Here’s your news and notes for the Rays and around the league:

  • Trevor Plouffe has been DFA’d in a move that is only about 38 days too late. (The Rays traded for Plouffe 38 days ago.)
  • The Rays are getting closer and closer to having one of their more stable 2017 starting pitchers back in the rotation, as Matt Andriese will make a Triple-A start on Wednesday. "He'll pitch tomrrow night," said Cash In a sentence so eye-opening and correctly spelled that it simply had to make the article linked to above. Truly invigorating stuff.
  • It may be from a fantasy angle, but it’s still cool to see a Blake Snell-centric article on FanGraphs. The My main takeaway: Just put Snell in the Hall of Fame already.
  • Can we just fast forward to 2020 when Brendan McKay and Shohei Otani are battling each other on the mound and at the dish during the Rays-Yankees ALCS already?
  • Meg Rowley helped organize and run a Women in Baseball Night in Seattle, and it’s about high time every team around baseball had one of these instead of the weirdly patriarchal “Girls Night Out” packages that sound like they were all designed by 20 year old male marketing interns. Rowley showed how it should be done. We’d love to have one at the Trop, Meg!
  • To end with a non-Rays story, Byron Buxton is one of the most fun non-Rays in baseball today, and it appears as though he’s fooling everyone into thinking he’s breaking out again. Maybe it’s legit this time!