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Tropicana Field announces plan to fix league-worst food safety rating

Rays, Tropicana Field vendors committed to improving food safety

MLB: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A bombshell report in Sports Illustrated, released yesterday, ranked Tropicana Field the worst stadium in baseball for food safety, including reports of “live insects” and “black mold” among a league worst 105 critical food safety violations.

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In response, Centerplate Director of Risk Management Brian Walters released the following statement, detailing the corrective measures to take place (Numbers added):

We take this report very seriously and have already cured each of the violations in the SI article. In addition, we are taking the following steps to ensure food safety at Tropicana Field:

[1] in cooperation with the Rays, have an independent food safety inspector conduct an immediate analysis of all concessions operations;

[2] designate one additional supervisor on site each night dedicated to food safety; and

[3] require all staff to undergo the Centerplate food safety training program, again, this week.

We remain committed to providing the highest quality guest experience at each of our venues.

The Tampa Bay Rays issued the following statement in response to the Sports Illustrated article:

Each aspect of the fan experience is very important to us and that includes food quality and safety. We understand that Centerplate has taken corrective action for all of these violations and will be taking additional steps to ensure food safety.

Moving forward, we will be working cooperatively with both Centerplate and Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation officials to provide even greater oversight of the nightly concessions operations.

Methods of greater oversight were not detailed in the Rays’ statement.