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Red Sox 9, Rays 0: There was a baseball game?

Rays lose I guess

Massive Hurricane Irma Bears Down On Florida Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

There was a baseball game on Irma-eve. The Rays lost. You can read all about it other places if you care to know the details. Though from a quick scan of the box score and the GDT, I’m not sure why you would. But still. People deal with stress differently. You do you.

I’m one of the few DRB writers who lives in the Tampa Bay area. The latest track I saw takes Irma right over my house. So maybe it’s fitting that I pulled recap duty this weekend. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had the impetus to write this pre-storm therapy recap.

I didn’t watch the game that I’m not recapping here, and I don’t feel bad about it in the least. Nor should I. But some people did watch it. Some people take comfort in the distraction of watching their favorite baseball team’s season circle the drain, and they shouldn’t be made to feel bad for it. This is partly why I think WDAE’s decision to not carry the games beginning last night was a shame. Though you will at least have some other avenues to get your fix.

Some people, like my wife, have a news compulsion during disasters, and this one has been no different. Thankfully, there is no shortage of outlets with round-the-clock hurricane coverage. This news is obviously important. But if you live in one of those houses where one person needs to watch, and another person is going to go insane if they see one more ensemble model, I invite you to talk through that before people start yelling. You’re going to need each other in the days to come.

Me? How do I prepare for the apocalypse? I eat Krispy Kreme, drink 7&7s, and watch Indiana Jones, apparently. I also write "recaps" about games I didn’t watch just so I can tell you it’s okay if things that used to feel super important to you (like baseball) don’t really matter right now, but it’s also okay if they still matter a lot. Everybody is different.

So stay safe, y’all, and be kind. Do what you gotta do to get through this, but let’s not forget that we’re in this together.

FWIW, there will be another ballgame today (Sunday) at 1:35. The Fox Sports Sun broadcast will go on as planned, with DeWayne and B.A. calling the action if you need to hear friendly voices.

If not, here’s a corgi sharing a bone with his own reflection.