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TB 3, BOS 2 - Dog Days are over

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
Blake Snell #4 of the Tampa Bay Rays helps teammate Cesar Puello #30 stretch in the dugout 
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Rays won a game against the Red Sox, that’s good.

Also good are these very good dogs.

Yes, it was dog day at the park as the Rays staved off a sweep by Boston.

Jake Odorizzi turned in one of his #good performances for the Sunday festivities, which meant there wasn’t as much fetching in the outfield as dog owners might have hoped for from the flyball pitcher.

Odorizzi flirted with another no-no through five innings, which is one inning shy of the mlb at bat alert. Thanks Jake!

The offense, meanwhile, came from exactly who you’d expect: Hechavarria and Sucre (who homered to give the Rays their lead)!

Honestly, Hechavarria has looked like a top of the order hitter over the last 30 days or so, making my snide remark only effective if you watched his plate appearances prior to, say, August 15th.

As we start to consider who may be on this Rays roster next season, Hechavarria is making one hech of a case for returning at shortstop, at least to start the season.

Meanwhile, Alex Colome continues to lead all relievers in saves by five games closed.

The Minnesota Twins lead the Rays by 5.5 games for the second Wild Card position, with 12 games left to play.