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Coffee for a Cause: Evan Longoria, Kahwa Coffee unveil “No. 3” blend

Proceeds from the first round of sales will support hurricane relief, with future sales to support other local charities

Longoria coffee blend
Longoria coffee blend

The owners of the beloved Kahwa Coffee and Evan Longoria today unveiled a new coffee blend, known as No. 3.

Longoria, who doesn’t consider himself a coffee aficionado but does love a good cuppa Joe, worked with Kahwa owners Raphael and Sarah Perrier to develop this new blend, which combines Brazilian, Guatamalan and Costa Rican beans.

As Raphael Perrier told DRB, normally coffee blends feature four kinds of beans, but in honor of third baseman Longoria, they designed this special blend with just three.

Longoria was fully involved in the process

They met in Kahwa’s St. Petersburg roasting plant and sampled multiple variations to come up with the perfect mix.

Perrier notes that they all left quite fully caffeinated, after which Longoria went on to have a good game at the plate, so clearly this blend has some magic in it!

Their goal was to have a blend that could work as drip coffee or espresso, and the could easily be made at home. Evan wanted something that was strong but not bitter, with sweet and nutty undertones.

Your DRB reporter tried the coffee and found that it has achieved these goals. It has a bold flavor but no bitter aftertaste. If you like a medium-dark coffee, this blend will be a hit in your home.

The goal had always been to use this blend as a fund raising opportunity; after Hurricane Irma it was clear that the proceeds could be best used to help those who had suffered losses during this event.

Rays players have been able to sample this blend as well, as Longoria has been using it in the clubhouse coffee machine, and now it will be available at Tropicana Field.

How to purchase

Twelve ounce bags of whole beans or ground beans can be purchased at Tropicana Field, at Kahwa’s many regional locations, or from their website.

signed coffee bag
signed coffee bag

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