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Chris Archer pulled in first inning with “forearm tightness”

Move called “precautionary”

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Is there a sadder image then that of Chris Archer escorted off the field by the trainer?

Archer started tonight’s game in uncharacteristic fashion, giving up home runs to the first two batters. The ever-observant Neil Solondz realized there was something amiss:

Next came the mound visit and the slow walk to the dugout. We’ll let Twitter tell the rest of the story:

The Rays playoff hopes are slender even with everyone staying healthy; even a brief absence from Archer would be difficult to overcome. And of course a worst case scenario is one in which this tightness would represent a more serious injury.

Archer has never missed a start due to injury since his debut in 2012.

Austin Pruitt was brought in to replace Archer. As of this writing the Rays are down 3-1 in the bottom of the fourth inning, waiting out a rain delay.