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Chasing the American League Wild Card - 9/5/17

The American League Wild Card race is heating up

Minnesota Twins v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

September baseball has arrived and the race for the playoffs is as tight as ever with seven teams in the Wild Card race separated by just three games with only four weeks left during the regular season.

The New York Yankees, after enduring a rough end to August, have regain traction to grow a three game lead over the Minnesota Twins for the top Wild Card spot.

The Twins meanwhile, have no such breathing room as the Los Angeles Angels sit just a half game back. Every game is crucial though, and if a team can sting together more than three consecutive victories, they could surge to the top of the standings.

Over their last 10 games, the hottest team in contention has been the Baltimore Orioles as they have won seven of those contest. The team(s) struggling the most, the Royals and Mariners, both of whom were 4-6.

Let’s run down the race as of now.

71-66 - Minnesota Twins (+.5)

71-67 - Los Angeles Angles (.5 GB)

70-68 - Baltimore Orioles (1.5 GB)

69-68 - Texas Rangers (2 GB)

69-69 - Seattle Mariners (2.5 GB)

68-68 - Kansas City Royals (2.5 GB)

69-70 - Tampa Bay Rays (3 GB)