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What I did for my winter vacation: Micah Johnson explores the Andes

Rays new infielder documents his trip to Peru


Just after Thanksgiving, the Rays claimed Micah Johnson off waivers. The 26 year old, who is listed as an infielder although he could see some time in the outfield, has yet to make a big splash in his major league career. Mat Germain profiled him here; his speed, athleticism and versatility might earn him a spot on the roster, but his lack of power could limit his value.

Soon after his selection we learned the new Ray has more than just a quick first step on the base paths. Johnson is an artist, and I don’t mean artist as in tries an off season pottery class, but artist as in respected painter whose works can be found at art shows and galleries.

We are not surprised, then, to learn that our polymath infielder uses his offseason for some ambitious pursuits. We learn from Twitter that he has been travelling, visiting Cusco, a regional center in the Andes whose mountain location, archaeological treasures and cultural richness make it favored destination for adventurous travelers. We’ve enjoyed following his journey, and clearly this artist knows how to take a good picture.