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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Rays Vice President, James Click, discusses arbitration

Rays VP talks with Neil Solondz, Harrison wants out of Pittsburgh, and making a case for getting Fred McGriff into the Hall of Fame

Baltimore Orioles v Tampa Bay Rays
Jake Odorizzi is heading for his second straight arbitration hearing
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

During his ‘This Week in Rays Baseball’ podcast, Neil Solondz was joined by the Tampa Bay Rays Vice President of Baseball Operations, James Click. The two discussed the arbitration process and later Neil discusses the Rays minor league coaching staff, that was announced this past week.


Name the player based off his Baseball America writeup

PLAYER isn’t the biggest, but he’s the strongest, with a body the organization compares to former all-star catchers such as Jody Davis and Carlton Fisk. His raw power is the best in the system, and he’s an intelligent hitter who has learned how to use it. He projects to hit 30-35 homers a season in the big leagues. PLAYER has worked hard to shorten a swing than can get long, and he’s strong enough to overpower pitches that catch too much of the plate. With his swing, PLAYER will never be a contact hitter and has struck out more than 100 times in each of his last three seasons

Hint: He was named the number one top prospect in his organization during the early 2000’s.