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Evan Longoria debuted his Giants jersey and we have feelings

New team, new number.

This moment has been inevitable since the day the Rays made the bombshell announcement they would be trading Evan Longoria to the San Francisco Giants. At the time of the trade, Longoria was in offseason mode, heading to Europe for a vacation with his wife, so fans got to delay the agony of seeing him in a new jersey for a few more weeks.

On Friday, the official reveal was finally made, as Longoria participated in his first public press conference with the Giants, debuting his brand new jersey. Since the number 3 jersey has been retired for Hall of Famer Bill Terry, Longo will be sporting the number 10 with San Francisco.

This is... so wrong.

Ugh, why.

I’m sorry.

Longoria was complementary of the Rays organization when he spoke about the process of being traded, saying they worked with him to ensure the whole thing didn’t come as a huge shock.

That doesn’t mean he didn’t take a little jab at his former club, however. When asked what he thought the biggest difference would be about playing in San Francisco, he said being “Outdoors in front of fans.”