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View from the catwalk: Six more years

(or seven)

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MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Rays manager Kevin Cash shepherded an extremely young Rays team through a barrage of veteran exits and injuries, onto the cutting edge of pitcher management tactics, and through a culture war. He did it while creating what seems like a fun, positive clubhouse, and without overworking any of his pitchers.

With that, he earned himself a contract extension that should keep him with the Rays through 2024, with a club option for 2025.

From Steve Kinsella’s YouTube channel, here’s Cash talking about the extension and the year:

And here’s Erik Neadner:

Neil Solondz did a This Week in Rays Baseball podcast about the extension, which you can listen to here:

Marc Topkin collected quotes from several players about the extension.

While we’re talking about mangers, Jeff Sullivan wrote about Aaron Boone, and the criticism he’s taken for handling his bullpen in the playoffs, and also, generally, about a philosophy of how to think about managers. Do I think Kevin Cash would have had his bullpen up and running sooner, and would have not gone to Lance Lynn? Maybe, don’t know, can’t say.

In other Rays news, here are some nice pictures:

And Michelle Margaux is heading to Houston, because that’s what sideline reporters who cover the Rays do.

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