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View from the catwalk: David Price wins

How do you adjust your narrative?

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MLB: ALCS-Boston Red Sox at Houston Astros Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s talk about narratives.

David Price can’t pitch in the playoffs.” “Buckles under the pressure.”

This idea came mostly from the fact that he had never recorded a win as a starter in the playoffs.

Never mind that he once pitched the Rays into the playoffs with a complete game 163. That’s different. Somehow.

Never mind that, with Toronto, he pitched well enough to “deserve” a win, but never got it. A true ace would have done better.

Yes his overall playoff performance was worse than his overall regular season performance, wins aside. Yes, we generally know better than to evaluate players on just a handful of games.

So what do you do now that, on short rest, after warming up in the bullpen the game previous, David Price shut down a great lineup stacked with righties to send his team to the World Series? How do you process the new information?

  • Do you tell a complex-but-heartwarming psychological story about how Price conquered his demons, and why this time was better? Do you believe that Price is now “fixed?” Do you want to have your narrative and eat it too?
  • Do you maintain that the narrative was dumb and unsupported all along? Did this performance make you feel “right?” Are you frustrated at how difficult it is to get people to now say that you were “right?”
  • Do you just ignore it, because narratives of failure are more fun, and no one will hold you responsible for your previous takes?

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