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90 wins in 90 GIFs: 61 through 75

The fifth installment of the series that’s re-living every win from 2018

Kansas City Royals v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

60 wins down, 30 wins to go. August showed some of the best this team had to offer, and that’s including the dances that broke out throughout the month.

(61-59) August 15: Rays 6, Yankees 1

With an RBI bloop single, Brandon Lowe finally had his first hit in the MLB.

(62-59) August 16: Rays 3, Yankees 1

Adam Kolarek was thrown into as difficult of a situation as possible: bases loaded with nobody out in the bottom of the ninth. Kolarek made getting the save look easy, and may be here to stay.

(63-61) August 19: Rays 2, Red Sox 0

CJ Cron’s 24th home run on the season was absolutely crushed over the Green Monster. Look at this beaut:

(64-61) August 20: Rays 1, Royals 0

Don’t shift against Ji-Man Choi, or he’ll make you look silly. Choi beats the Kansas City shift with a perfect bunt to third base.

(65-61) August 21: Rays 4, Royals 1

Willy Adames homers, Willy Adames dances.

(66-61) August 22: Rays 6, Royals 3

Yonny Chirinos worked his nasty splitter all night against the Kansas City lineup, striking out Salvador Perez with a filthy one inside.

(67-61) August 23: Rays 4, Royals 3

Walk-off error!

Kevin Kiermaier’s hit to first and Jake Bauers’ hustle pressured the Royals and caused them to ruin their best chance at what should've been an easy out.

(68-61) August 24: Rays 10, Red Sox 3

Willy Adames hit his eighth home run on the season and in Willy Adames fashion, danced his way into the dugout, this time with an assist from Gomez.

(69-61) August 25: Rays 5, Red Sox 1

Ji-Man Choi turned on the jets to leg out an RBI triple against the Red Sox.

(70-61) August 26: Rays 9, Red Sox 1

There wasn’t anything that was saying Ozzie Timmons’ push-ups weren't becoming a staple of this team’s success.

(71-62) August 29: Rays 8, Braves 5

Tommy Pham arguably was this team’s post-deadline offensive MVP, and home runs like this showed why.

(72-63) September 1: Rays 5, Indians 3

With Kevin Kiermaier in center, why would anyone even try running home? This one didn’t work out well for the Indians.

(73-63) September 2: Rays 6, Indians 4

Joey Wendle’s defense at third base in this game was on another level. he might be good, y’all!

(74-63) September 3: Rays 7, Blue Jays 1

*thumbs up emoji*

(75-63) September 4: Rays 4, Blue Jays 0

What’s better than the Rays scoring runs? Watching Ozzie Timmons do his push-ups afterwards. As always, two seed deployees required.

The month of August showed that this team was as good as anyone in the American League, and probably way more fun than any other team.

September, however, would be an even better month, a month that would contain lots of scoreboard watching, walk-off celebrating and genuinely exciting Rays baseball games.