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VIDEO: Here’s everything Mike Zunino can do

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

if you have some time to kill this weekend, here’s a collection of videos on the Rays new catcher Mike Zunino.

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By now you should know Zunino can crush some baseballs, so let’s go through some well struck pitches from the year, starting with my favorite against Dallas Keuchel:

How much power does he have? In college he broke a metal bat!

But he also has reach. Watch him go golfing against Marcus Stroman, oppo field:

I mean he can get low to get some pitches below the zone. Here’s a single well reached:

And here’s what it looks like when he pulls one, casually. Again, it’s Keuchel!

Here’s what he can do with a pitch low and away (nice slo-mo look at his swing included):

And here’s Zunino reaching on a pitch high and away to knock one over the head of Trout:

Here’s what he might look like hitting at the Trop on a regular basis:

And finally, Statcast has this dinger going 470 feet, so I just had to include it:

That was 116 mph off the bat, and scared a small child. Mercy!

(Also, it should be noted we should see a lot of missed pitches in addition to the ones he connects on)


And so concludes our mp4 video formats. The rest will be coming to you from, which means ads. Sorry y’all!

Let’s start with a two-for-one defensive special, starting with a pitch blocked:

Here’s Zunino catching the speedy Ahmed running:

Which he also did to the Rays. This was a tough one to swallow last season, with Wendle getting caught to end the game:

You might also remember Zunino gunning down Robertson at first base

This one feels better, getting Correa off a breaking ball that could have easily gotten away:

And my favorite, this basket catch:


And to conclude, here’s a collection of videos discussing Zunino, including MLB Network on his winning the Defensive Player of the Year award:

His own words on the Rays deal:

Rays GM Neander’s take on why they went and got this catcher:

Cespedes BBQ:

Here’s seven minutes of Zunino answering fan questions:

And finally, here’s Zunino mic’d up from Spring Training as he works with pitchers: