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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Kyle Snyder praises Blake Snell’s Cy Young win

These good vibes are gonna last a while

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MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We are now living in the year 1 A.S.C. Anno Snello CyYoungi.

The 25-year-old lefty became the youngest pitcher since Clayton Kershaw to win the award, and it was more than deserving. Even Kate Upton couldn’t really complain.

Here at DRB, we have you covered head to toe with CyZilla coverage, with a dope t-shirt even making the front page. So, respect your youngsters, buy a CyZilla t-shirt, and enjoy our abundance of Blake Snell coverage.

Rays News

  • If you didn’t get enough Snell from our coverage, be sure to listen to Neil Solondz with pitching coach Kyle Snyder regarding Snell’s big win:
  • Rays No. 7 prospect, per MLB Pipeline, Ronaldo Hernandez, had himself a day, first getting a nice reading to improve his defensive stock:

And later hitting a walk-off single in the Arizona Fall League:

  • Some not as good Rays prospect news:
  • The Rays also lost a minor league arm to Seattle... on a major league deal!?
  • Here’s some prospect listening material:
  • Rays Colored Glasses have their updates from day one of their GM simulation, and let’s just say the GMs over at FanSided are either all secretly Rays fans, or Mr. Reimann must have compromising photos of them, because he managed to steal a couple really good players for seemingly nothing. Check it out.
  • And finally, some, let’s say interestingly-timed news:

Around the League

  • Ex-Rays coach Rocco Baldelli found his new pitching coach, and he made history doing so, choosing the first coach to go directly from a college dugout to an MLB dugout since the `70s.
  • The Rays cross-town rivals (kind of) released new colors and logos yesterday, and while the look is pretty sleek, it kind of looks like an ad that could be run for the Rays… Maybe one day both teams will be legit and this video can act as the starting point for a great rivalry… Look, I said maybe:
  • You can check out the uniform in full here, featuring Miami’s new slate of colors: black, blue, off-red, and slate grey.
  • Rob Manfred’s contract has been renewed as baseball commish
  • I so hope this is real and not just some imaginary window dressing:
  • And finally, the league agreed to a new TV deal with Fox Sports that is mighty lucrative and is leaving many wondering where the money will end up (keep your eyes peeled for a piece from our own Darby Robinson on that front):