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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Faria Tale wedding

Jake Faria’s wedding brings the smiles for the Rays celebrity couple

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For a long time, DRaysBay has been dedicated to the in-depth analysis of the statistical side and ins and outs of the Major League Baseball professional franchise: the Tampa Bay Rays.

Well, as of today, November the nineteenth, year of our lord two thousand and eighteen, we have some very important news: DRaysBay is now a Jacob and Jessica Faria gossip blog.

The loving couple got married over the weekend, and I haven’t had nearly this much FOMO since, well, ever.

First, we got a look at the sharp-looking groomsmen:

Then it was the official ceremony:

And finally, like any good wedding night, it involved some In-N-Out:

That’s a wrap.

We will no longer rank Rays prospects; we are going to rank which of Faria’s groomsmen “wore it best.”

We are no longer going to analyze player performance, we’re going to analyze the structure Jake and Jess got married under. We are no longer going to propose fake trades during the offseason, we’re going to break down the actual proposal.

Sorry for all you quote-unquote baseball fans, but deep down, you must understand.

Non-Faria Rays News (aka Fake News)

  • Over at the Times, Marc Topkin reevaluates the 2011 Draft in light of Blake Snell winning the Cy Young.
  • Rays Colored Glasses are taking up the always-fun debate of which pitcher is the best in franchise history.
  • The second-lead in David Laurila’s Sunday Notes covers new Rays pitcher Ryan Merritt, so check that bad boy out if you don’t have it on your weekly to-read list already.
  • Neil Solondz offers his recap of the Rays in the Arizona Fall League
  • Noah Prasnky is digging in on some Rays stadium news, and for some reason he’s running the story two weeks after his subject Ken Hagan was re-elected:

Around the League

  • Thanksmas is back: