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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Johnny (Field), I hardly knew ye

A Rays LEGEND ends up in Chicago as Field is sent to pasture yet again

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Rays all-time legend Johnny Field (who ended the season with the Minnesota Twins, but he will ALWAYS be remembered as a Tampa Bay Ray) was scooped up by the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday.

Field was the face of the Rays franchise from April 16, 2018 to April 18, 2018 after Levi Weaver made arguably the greatest Twitter joke of all time:

Field rode this legendary status to a remarkable .222/.254/.403 slash line with the Rays, collecting 0.2 WAR to rank third all-time in Rays history (I’m 99 percent sure about that).

There are few who have made such an incredible impact on the organization as Field, and there are many fans who will be calling for him to return to the Rays before he retires, so that his jersey retirement can be done in the proper fashion.

You’ll always have a home in St. Pete, Mr. Field.

The Cubs will be Field’s fourth organization this calendar year since making the Opening Day roster for the Rays.

Other (actual) Rays news:

  • Arizona Fall League action was underway, with Lucius Fox collecting a pair hits and a run scored, while Ronaldo Hernandez added a single, and Brandon Lawson (!) threw three shutout innings in the start. Check out the rest of this MLB Pipeline article to see how some other big-name prospects around baseball did.
  • The Rays roster churn continued, with the team bringing in reliever Oliver Drake, while outrighting Jesus Sucre and Adam Moore. Topkin has where things stand right now:
  • Adam Sanford broke down the moves briefly yesterday.
  • Bill Chastain had a fun mailbag article which led with arguably the biggest question heading into 2019: the rotation.
  • Ryne Stanek won the 2018 “Lineout Ryan Vogelsong PItcher of the Year” award over at BP, and in his write up of Stanek, Rob Mains pointed out that Stanek faced the third-toughest group of hitters among pitchers with at least 50.0 IP last year. It makes sense given his role as The Opener, but it just goes to further highlight how impressive a job the long-haired righty did in 2018.

Other Links:

  • The season may be over for the Tampa Bay Rowdies, but that doesn’t mean they should be far from your mind. Check out this cool opportunity if you’re a local:
  • Over at The Hardball Times, John Paschal had a fun time with renaming the National League ballparks. We haven’t had the “what nickname should the new Rays stadium get” debate in a minute, so let’s open that bad boy up in the comments this morning. DRaysBay is still all in on The Humidor.
  • This deserves its own article on DRB, so hopefully we’ll cook up something on that soon, but this would be an amazing step in the right direction, albeit farrrrrr overdue: