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Oakland Athletics reveal new stadium design, location at Howard Terminal

What do you think of the new-look A’s?

The Oakland Athletics are pursuing a privately funded stadium in the city of Oakland, and have for some time.

Like the Rays, they seem to have settled on a final location that seems to make sense for their Bay area, and like the Rays provided in July, some renderings have finally been released.

Oakland’s stadium proposal includes what is essentially a waterfront build, and leans heavily into greenery (because “oak” land?) with trees and hobbit entrances for fans along the outfield stands.

None of that do I mean as a negative. This stadium would be iconic and settles into its natural surroundings well. It seems to take advantage of public transit, and the newly designated federal Opportunity Zones around the stadium should help drive ancillary development as well.

Here’s that map, as noted by Noah Pransky yesterday:

Now I would note that the shaded areas are open to all developers, not just the A’s ownership group, and that the “raking in federal $$” is truly just delaying paying taxes owed in order to spur on development today, but there is indeed federal benefit to be had.

For more on Opportunity Zones and what they mean for the Rays new stadium, read my article here.

The new Atheltics location is optimal due to its placement for public transportation, which will also be a key element for the Rays proposed location in Ybor City. Again, Pransky has a map!

And although the Rays stadium does not capitalize on water being literally just beyond the outfield wall (yet? anyone want to extend that trench?) it does take advantage of the elements by having a clear dome, which will at least be a feature in good weather and bad.

Our friends at Athletics Nation have been covering the news here, and at that link you can see the A’s proposal for re-developing the Oakland Coliseum into an outdoor park.

What do you think of the A’s design?


How do you grade the new A’s stadium design and location?

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