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2019 Tampa Bay Rays Shirsy Selector Guide & Quiz

It’s not too early to start making your holiday wish list. And what would be better than a new Rays shirsy? Let DRB help you out with this guide and quiz!

World Series: Philadelphia Phillies v Tampa Bay Rays, Game 2 Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

My wife and I made the mistake of going shopping this past Saturday. After meandering past all the discount Halloween candy, we ran smack dab into Christmas. On November 4th. So apparently, ‘tis the season to start holiday shopping lists!

If you are like me, you have some older Rays gear. I still wear my J.P. Howell jersey regularly. My wife — like most Tampa Bay folks — has a Longoria. Do you know what we don’t have? Any gear from a player currently on the club. Probably because the last time the Rays made the playoffs, the only current Ray on the roster was Kevin Kiermaier, who made a cameo for the 2013 club as a defensive replacement. Heck, turn the calendar back just two years to 2016, and you still only find KK on the Opening Day roster, with Blake Snell and Matt Duffy making their Ray debuts (Ray-buts?) during the season.

So no matter how big a fan you are, with all new faces, you could probably use some new swag. And with how fun this current 90-win crop is, you’ve got a lot to choose from. It can be overwhelming! Where to start??? Lucky for you, we here at DRB have some suggestions. And there’s even a quiz at the end!

Top of the rotation

At the start of 2018, Chris Archer was still the nominal ace of the staff and probably featured prominently in many Rays’ fans closets. But even before Archer’s trade to Pittsburgh, Blake Snell had supplanted the Fluoride Phantom as the best pitcher on the staff.

Cleveland Indians v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

In fact, Snell was well on his way to establishing himself as one of the best pitchers in the whole dang game, putting together a Cy Young-worthy season. As such, he is definitely worth holding down a place in your shirsy collection.

Blake Snell Youth T-Shirt from Majestic

Face of the Franchise

By the time the Rays traded Evan Longoria, it arguably left a bigger marketing hole than it did a production hole for the team to fill. But it was still a real hole since no player has meant more to the franchise than #3.

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

Luckily, the Rays have been grooming their fleet footed defensive whiz, centerfielder Kevin Kiermaier, to be the next FOF for a while.

Tampa Bay Rays v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Unfortunately, he didn’t exactly have a great 2018. Captain Platinum Glove still played his usual great defense, but he struggled with the stick and suffered another injury that required a lengthy DL stint. So there is some risk here. But maybe it’s time to buy low on KK gear?

Kevin Kiermaier “Outlaw” Players Weekend Men’s Jersey from Majestic - ON SALE

Bullpen Day!

Time was, nobody who wasn’t a total doofus (like me) got swag for a reliever unless that player was somebody who racked up saves. Could the Rays, with their innovative approach to handing pitchers as well as their assortment of charismatic firemen with fun and funky pitches, not to mention glorious hair, change all that?

So if you’re the kind of person who colors outside the lines, maybe a Bullpen Day shirt is for you?

Create Your Own Men’s Alternate Jersey from Majestic

The Kids

Hey, remember when people said the Tampa Bay farm system couldn’t produce bats? And for good reason, since the last good one to come up through the ranks was Desmond Jennings.

Tampa Bay Rays v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

And before Jennings, you probably have to go back to Chuck LaMar administration. It was a valid critique.

But no more. With the bromance/buddy comedy of Willy Adames-Jake Bauers leading the way, Tampa Bay is loaded with young guns. And sure, lots of them got here via trade, some like Austin Meadows very recently. But Brandon Lowe is homegrown. So is Nick Ciuffo. Adames and Bauers were teenagers when they were acquired and did most of their growing in the Rays org. And a huge chunk of the loaded farm, from Jesus Sanchez to Wander Franco and all the Lowes in between, were drafted by Tampa Bay.

DRB Magic 8Ball says that you should look good in a Willy Adames #1 for a very long time.

Women’s Willy Adames Light Blue RBI Pullover Hoodie

Joey Wendle

The shopping guide would not be complete without the incomparable Joseph Patrick Wendle. It’s hard to remember a time when the King of Grit was not in our lives, but the truth is, it hasn’t even been a full calendar year since he was acquired stolen from the A’s for Jonah Heim. He has been hustling his way deeper into our hearts ever since.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

You simply cannot go wrong with an #18 Wendle.

Men’s Joey Wendle Midnight Mascot T-Shirt

But wait! There’s more!

We could go on and on, because there just so many fun players on this club. So we should probably just go right to the quiz, or we’ll be here all day.