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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Mike Zunino “extremely excited” to join the Rays

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The team’s pitching staff is a key draw for the new catcher.

MLB: New York Yankees at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays new backstop Mike Zunino is “extremely excited” to be joining Tampa Bay, per reporters who interviewed him yesterday.

As John Ford pointed out in our Slack, this is (one of the many) reasons to treat all your players well. Word gets around.

Great to have Zunes (that can’t be his nickname, can it?) on board with the cool things the Rays front office is trying.

A healthy Zunes (yeah, let’s make this thing happen) could be a legit 4-win player, so let’s help he’s on to something here.

This is not surprising, although it is good news if you want to slot into the “large doubts about Heredia” camp. Darby will have more on Heredia later today.

Rays News

  • The former Gators star sat down with Neil Solondz to discuss the trade in detail on the latest Rays Radio podcast, which you can listen to here:
  • Blake Snell provided a fun interview to Men’s Journal and it’s legitimately a good read.
  • Rob Mains looked at the effect The Opener had (and is going to have) on league-wide pitching splits.
  • Oh, and I’ll just leave this here...

Other Links