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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Why you should love the Yandy Diaz trade

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Written by your new captain of Yandy Diaz Yacht

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Detroit Tigers v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Yandy Era is upon us.

There are few names in baseball that I would have been more excited about the Rays acquiring this offseason than Yandy Diaz.

I’ve had my eyes on Yandy for a while, and I know I’m not alone in that regard. While there’s more to being a baseball player than muscle mass, boy does he have muscle mass.

And while there’s more to hitting than exit velocity, boy does he have exit velocity.

Sprinkle in some elite plate discipline, and the fact that he is right in his prime right now, compared to Jake Bauers — who the Rays traded for Diaz and who will probably be there in four to five years — and the move makes perfect sense for a Rays team looking to reach the Promised Land again in 2019.

Betting big on players who have elite skills that just need to be honed is a great idea, and a front on which the Rays have proven themselves time and time again.

Welcome aboard the Yandy Diaz Yacht. This is your captain Jim Turvey speaking.

Full steam ahead.

Yandy Diaz links

Other Rays News

  • I will indeed miss Jake Bauers. His bromance with Willy was a beautiful thing, and his June walk-off home run will be a Rays memory for a long time. Plus, Misty was an all-time #RaysMom, but also per Marc Topkin, the Bauers crew will do just fine...

“I hope it all works out for them,’’ Bauers said. “I know it’s all going to work out for me.”

Oh, and 5 points to Gryffindor for this print headline as well...

  • David Laurila asked managers at the Winter Meetings about non-traditional coaching hires. Cash was one of those managers.
  • Rays fans are definitely fully-engaged this offseason (and who can blame them?!). Toribio has a mailbag with all your most pressing Qs and As.
  • Even if the Rays just gave up a 23-year-old for a 27-year-old, don’t go worrying too much about the youth in the Rays farm system:
  • Here’s a crazy story surrounding the Rays move yesterday, albeit without a Rays-centric POV.
  • Oh, and has anyone checked on Marc?

Around the League

It’s hot stove time, which means it’s rumor mill time, which means it’s crank-out-tons-of-articles time. There’s a lot out there, but here’s some quick highlights:

  • a Bruce Maxwell freezeout is never going to generate as much buzz as what the NFL did to Colin Kaepernick, but it’s still a story worth monitoring
  • the Rays are supposedly still kicking around the idea of J.T. Realmuto, so here’s BtBS breaking the Winter Meetings hot commodity down
  • the Rays may not be looking for another starting pitcher, but juuuuussssst in case
  • and one final thing to remember when worrying about giving up a top-50 prospect, those don’t always burn a team as much as one would think...