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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Jairo Labourt reportedly signed to a minor league deal

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Former Futures’ Game representative picked up by the Rays

MLB: All Star Game-Futures Game Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Another quiet day for the Tampa Bay Rays as the offseason drags on. They did however, make a move according to a tweet from Brandon Warne, the team has signed LHP Jairo Labourt to a minor league deal.

Labourt, 24, was a former prospect with the Toronto Blue Jays, and was part of the return to the Detroit Tigers in the David Price trade in 2015. Labourt also pitched in the Futures’ Game in 2017 and made his major league debut that September. Labourt seems to have been injured for most of the 2018 season as he only logged 5 23 innings pitched in the rookie league within the White Sox organization.

Rays Links

Anthony: Brandon Lowe for Jose Martinez make mutual sense? Does Lowe have the instincts to be a 2B/3B/COF type?

Kiley McDaniel: I think the Bauers/Yandy deal showed that the Rays prefer positional flexilibity if the bats are comparable and Lowe looks like a 100-120 wRC+ type that can play corners and 2B. I would prefer him and I think TB does, too.

Trent: What’s Nate Lowe’s upside? .270 30hr guy?

Kiley McDaniel: We think a little less than that, but there’s some suspicion that he’s the reason TB felt comfortable moving Bauers

Dave: Suppose the Astros offer Tucker for Realmuto straight-up, but refuse to include anyone else. Is it time for Miami to accept that sort of offer?

Kiley McDaniel: If I’m Miami I would seriously consider it since the good options have already/continue to move on. LA and TB make sense and have plenty of combos they could offer. TB with Zunino and Michael Perez doesn’t make perfect sense, but they seem to be fishing in deep water on Thor, CLE SP, JTR, etc.

Twin city: If Austin Meadows had rookie status where would he rank and what numbers would you hang on him- thank you

Kiley McDaniel: Probably still around the middle of a top 100

Snacks: So Nate Lowe at 1B means what for Joe McCarthy?

Kiley McDaniel: I think those are the two 1B options at the league minimum, McCarthy plays some LF, you have the DH spot and can chase off Choi

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