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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Jerry Dipoto will keep the Hot Stove alive single handedly

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Plus: lots of familiar faces freshly on the market as the nontender deadline has come and gone.

MLB: Houston Astros at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Rays Links

Ex-Rays Tim Beckham, Brad Boxberger among those nontendered - Marc Topkin, Tampa Bay Times: Round of the non-tenders around the league, highlighting the familiar faces to Rays fans who are back on the market.

Rays Tales: Is a big bat (Nelson Cruz) the right addition? Or a power arm (Noah Syndergaard)? - Marc Topkin, Tampa Bay Times. One thing I’ve learned from last year is that when Topkin speculates, it’s worth listening. He’s mentioned the idea of Thor as a possible trade target for the Rays and has definitely hammered home the idea that they are looking for some big game on the market.

Mariners and White Sox Swap Former Tampa Bay Rays - Dan Szymborski, Fan Graphs: Jerry Dipoto sure seems to love the Rays system. When he’s not directly trading with the Rays, he’s instead busy trading ex-Rays for other ex-Rays.

Rays Radio man Andy Freed putting in some good offseason work for charity

Around the League

A Fresh Look at the Prospects in the Mets-Mariners Trade - Eric Longenhagen, Fan Graphs: Mariners are rapidly rebuilding their farm system, with a tear down that Dipoto will not say publicly is a tear down but certainly seems like a tear down, but who knows?

Finding MLB comparisons for Murray’s QB feats - Andrew Simon, Kyler Murray had another dazzling performance, helping get the Oklahoma Sooners into the College Football Playoffs, and potentially securing a Heisman Trophy. Murray is a fascinating athlete, somebody who has already been selected in the MLB draft, and NFL draft rumors continue to swirl. Andrew Simon tries to put Murray’s impressive college QB numbers into some baseball context.

An official plea to Hall of Fame voters on behalf of Larry Walker - Jonah Keri, Sportsnet: Jonah Keri doing his Canadian duty to advocate for the former Montreal Expo.

Driveline Hitting Guru May Pioneer New Hybrid Role - J.J. Cooper, Baseball America: A very cool new role for a very well respected person around the league.

Jerry Dipoto has more trades lined up - Ken Rosenthal: According to Rosenthal’s sources, Dipoto already is looking at a Jean Segura trade once the ink dries on the Cano-Diaz to the Mets deal.