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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Rays debut new team blog, “The Ray Tank”

Where have we heard that name before?

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The Tampa Bay Rays have launched their a new website that bears a certain similarity to our daily news and links article!

We sat down with the Tank to discuss who they are, what they’re up to, and why they think they’re better than us.

An Interview with The Ray Tank

DRaysBay: Hello Ray Tank, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, as you’ve been in the works for a while. What will your purpose be now that you’re here?

The Ray Tank: That’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point. Our job is to deliver fresh Rays content that you don’t see anywhere else. We like unusual, behind-the-scenes things, or stories no one is telling. We also like Will Vragovic’s photos (a lot).

DRaysBay: Your overlords asked very kindly, and we gladly relinquished the name of our morning links article to your website. Do you have any ideas for what we should call it now?

The Ray Tank: They are benevolent and we are grateful for your generosity. Have you thought about “Early Work” or “Top of the Order?” We’ll have to get back to you.

DRaysBay: Those are terrible suggestions. We have been fond of the name for some time, why did you want to use it?

The Ray Tank: We kicked around a few ideas, but ultimately liked how Tropicana Field’s ray tank is something unique for Rays fans. They hang out, take pictures, even watch a few batters. We want our site to be a unique place Rays fans like to visit, too.

DRaysBay: What kind of things can we expect to find on The Ray Tank?

The Ray Tank: Remember the bat boy who made some diving stops to save the bullpen? Or all those Souza hugs? We can share more info on those things, as well as share links to any outside Rays stories fans absolutely need to see. We’ve already got some good stuff up on Ramos’ scary experience in Venezuela and KK’s bowfishing prowess.

DRaysBay: Why do you think you’re better than us?**

The Ray Tank: We’re not even competing! We just kept finishing the day and realizing we had so many interesting things to share and nowhere to do it.

DRaysBay: Will you feature podcasts as well?

The Ray Tank: We don’t have plans to create our own. Neil Solondz and Rays Radio do great work. And so does The Hit Show.

DRaysBay: Is it possible for our podcast to get The Hit Show jingle as compensation for the name?

The Ray Tank: Have your people get with our people.

** Not a serious question

Thank you to The Ray Tank for answering some questions. It’s a quality name for the most iconic feature of the Rays stadium. We will admit the timing of the blog announcement could have been made on a different day — some in the industry took issue, probably because they lack humor — but we think it’s excellent.

You can check out The Ray Tank here.

Rays Soundwaves

  • Neil Solondz held his weekly ‘This Week in Rays Baseball’ podcast where he discussed the Rays three recent moves with Chaim Bloom and Marc Topkin, and he also spoke with pitching prospect Ian Gibaut (who didn’t start pitching until his senior year of high school).
  • Matt Andriese discussed his transition to the bullpen, how difficult it was to hear, and what his role will be moving forward
  • Brad Miller talked about his mental and physical struggles through injury, and about Longoria’s comments yesterday
  • Neil Solondz interviewed Cody Hall, former Giants reliever in camp, who pitched in Independent Baseball last season

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