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Rays 20th anniversary banner debuted ahead of Wednesday patch release

Get used to seeing this excellent logo.

The Rays will be celebrating 20 full years of baseball this season, and will have a press release on Wednesday to reveal their plans to celebrate in the new year, a new logo has debuted on the edifice of Tropicana Field:

This image comes courtesy of Marc Topkin, who adds a new level to Spring beat photography with this submission (he is credited with taking the photo on the Times website).

This new logo, featuring the Devil Ray of the early days, also appears to be the new patch coming to Rays uniform sleeves in 2018.

Eagle eyed redditor spotted a new patch was incorporated into the Rays uniforms in the trailer for MLB The Show:

Did you see it?

Not only does that appear our first look at Denard Span in a Rays uniform striking out against Marcus Stroman, that’s a pentagonal patch!

And since I have you here, I may also note the new logo looks a lot like my self-made twitter avatar:

Hey, it’s close!

We will be covering all the 20th anniversary celebration details to come.

To all involved, great job on this one.

Go Rays!