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FanPost Friday: Opening Day memories

Do you call in sick on Opening Day every year?

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Spring training is winding down, and on the horizon we can see Opening Day arriving: the beginning of the regular season!

Opening Day is its own special thing. A day I think we’d all agree should be a national holiday. How is it fair to expect us to work, when there is real, honest-to-goodness baseball being played? All across North America, office workers will quietly pull up or tune cafeteria televisions to MLB Network. People will call in sick. Children will ask for notes from Pas and Orbit to get out of school.

Everyone has their own special Opening Day rituals. It’s a given everyone will tune into the game, even if they can’t be at the park in person. The Rays start the season at home this year, against division rivals the Boston Red Sox no less. It’s a good match up and sure to be an exciting series of games.

What we want to know this week, is how do you celebrate Opening Day? Or do you have a particularly special Opening Day memory? Maybe it’s attending a game with a parent for the first time, or taking a trip to a different park just to be there for the festivities. Maybe it’s something that only seems special to you, like getting to be there with your baby, or taking the day off work and booking seats right behind home plate.

No matter the memory or tradition, they’re all special and everyone can agree Opening Day is worth celebrating. So share your stories with us!

Head over to the FanPosts section and write about your own Opening Day greatest hits.

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