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Durham Bulls to host Stranger Things night

The team will sport special event jerseys on Friday the 13th

Courtesy of Durham Bulls Twitter

Can’t get enough of Eleven, Dustin, Will, Steve, and the gang? Neither can the Rays Triple-A affiliate team, the Durham Bulls. The team will be celebrating a Stranger Things night on Friday, July 13th, and the players will all be sporting special Stranger Things uniforms.

Fan favorite character Dustin is the inspiration behind the custom unis.

We aren’t the only ones hoping they release those green camp-inspired Durham Bulls shirts, right?

This isn’t just a matter of the Durham front office being big fans of the hit Netflix series, either. The team wanted to celebrate the show creators, the Duffer Brothers, who are Durham natives.

According to the press release:

Throughout the evening the team plans on highlighting some of the show’s largest themes, including the Upside Down, waffles, Christmas lights and Demogorgons, while also paying tribute to some of the show’s fallen characters. Additionally, fans are encouraged to dress up as their favorite character or wear their favorite 80’s garb.

Just remember: it’s not bring your demo-dog to the park night.