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Help us rename The Rays Tank!

What should the name of our “Morning news and links” article be next?

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Last month the Tampa Bay Rays debuted their new official blog: The Ray Tank — now with a slick new logo.

They did so with our blessing and appreciation, and you can read a tongue in cheek interview with the website here.

Now that we’ve relinquished the name of our morning links article, though, we need a new one. For that, we’d like your vote!

We are asking that you vote for a new name the same way our site conducted prospect voting polls. At the bottom of this article will be a series of suggested names. If you see a name you like best, vote by commenting with:


And if you have your own, unique suggestion, you can drop that in as well under the “Other” section. Our top four names for the New Tank are as follows:

  • The Stinger
  • Rising Tide
  • Views from the Catwalk
  • The Daily Flap*

If you have something better, drop it in the comments for others to vote. You can only vote once, so if you want to change your vote, just say so and we’ll clear the previous vote.

Thanks for your readership, and Go Rays!

*for more commentary on “Majestic Sea Flap Flaps” go here.