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FanPost Friday: Tell us your “I met a ballplayer!” stories

Did you meet Longo at a coffee shop, or wait behind the dugout for a ball?

MLB: Spring Training-Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

I will fully admit to being a grown adult who has waited in the baking heat behind a dugout in order to get a ball signed at a baseball game.

I don’t mean I pushed little kids out of the way in the area by the field, I’m not a monster. But I’ve absolutely waited elbow-to-elbow with collectors and other rabid fans hoping one of my favorite players might turn around at the call of his name and meet my eye, then give me the nod to toss him a ball and a pen.

It worked once, sort of. I got signatures from a struggling reliever and an aging bench coach. That’s its own kind of reward, I suppose.

I also once stood in line at an airport behind an older gentleman whose bags all bore Yankees insignia, and was clearly sporting a World Series ring on one hand, but he didn’t turn around long enough for me to tell who he was, and I was too scared to ask.

My brushes with baseball fame are not that impressive, I’m afraid. But I know there are readers out there who have better ones, and that’s what I want to hear about. Did you answer Kevin Kiermaier’s open request for Tampa barbers one day on Twitter? Were you his barber? Did you bump into a player in the street or at your favorite restaurant?

Whether your experience was paid for as part of a fan meet-and-greet, was happenstance, or just dumb luck, we want to know about it. If it was positive (or even not so much) we want to hear all about your most memorable meet-ups with baseball players.

As always, head on over to the FanPost section, select “New FanPost” and tell use your story.