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Twitter Reactions to the Carlos Gomez walk-off home run

Scuffling Carlos Gomez hit a walkoff yesterday. Twitter had some words about it.

Minnesota Twins v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr. /Getty Images

It would be an understatement to say that Carlos Gomez was struggling coming into Sunday’s game. The right handed outfielder and former MVP candidate, acquired to provide some punch to an otherwise less-than-punchy Rays offense, was hitting just .158/.229./.276 headed into the matinee game on Sunday against the Twins.

Things did not immediately look better.

Weirdly, no one on in the Twitterverse seemed to think that Gomez’s emotional reaction to yet another strikeout was “too much.”

Then, when the bullpen gave away another 6-2 lead, things headed into the bottom of the ninth. It was really not looking good for our hero.

In fact, coming into the infamous 9th inning at bat, Go-Go was a No-Go 0 for 4 with three strikeouts, and things had gotten so bad that if Cron had led off with double, Gomez had decided to try and bunt him over.

“Unfortunately” Cron merely singled.

So, as we all saw, Carlos Gomez did this instead of bunting:


Twitter had thoughts

Some doofus on Twitter had words about it, and also tweeted an illegal video without the express written consent (probably):

The Brian Dozier fanclub was also not amused:

Astro Joker thinks only good players should act like this:

Rick Stroud with context!

DRaysBay, of course, had the immediate shots suitable for giffing:

Then ESPN also got in on the fun...

And there were even some great points made around the twitter-sphere:

Let’s make that happen.

Before we go: One more from Cut4 for the celebration

So what say you about Carlos Gomez and his celebration?


Was Carlos Gomez’s celebration "too much"?

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