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Enjoy these snow day pictures as the White Sox hurry to clear the field in Chicago

Dave Wills is on the scene

It did not seem possible that the Rays would play baseball today, given the snow on the ground in Chicago.

Once the media arrived at the field, it was clear that snow was going to be a problem.

My goodness.

Blake Snell and Sergio Romo took advantage of the snow to have some fun.

The White Sox also had some fun, and to quote my colleague Cameron Kaiser, they should have called this little guy Snowan Moncada.

But just watch the progress from just three hours ago:

To two hours ago:

To fifteen minutes ago:


Nice job White Sox.

The Cubs seemed to be having the same problem at Wrigley this morning.

Their home opener will be delayed until tomorrow (the Cubs grounds crew tried the sprinklers trick before the snow was cleared...), but fear not, the Rays will still play on the South Side.

Now where’s the Vaseline?

UPDATE - It’s snowing again!

The tarp is being rolled back out.