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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Good News for Birthday Boy Sucre

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Sweet Jesus that was some good blocking!

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays played an incredibly hard fought victory to pull within 1 game of .500 (again). The 9th inning brought a ton of dramatics, with HRs from Cron and Miller giving the lead, and Roe hitting everyone to almost give it away.

Perhaps the biggest hero in the 9th was Jesus Sucre, who celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday. With Roe and Alvarado pitching, Sucre was busy blocking some filthy and wild breaking balls in the dirt. Especially important was when the score tightened to just 1 run and the bases loaded, Sucre was throwing his body (and his arm) in front to preserve the Rays lead.

He looked banged up. He looked hurt. But he was damn sure not letting a ball get to the backstop.

After the game Sucre went in for X-Rays. The results allowed the Rays breathe easy for the second time that night:

Rays Links:

  • Not lost in the 9th inning drama, Jacob Faria pitched perhaps his best game as a pro so far. He set a personal high with 8 IP, and earned a well deserved shower postgame:

Around the League:

  • Speaking of nasty, here’s the fastest pitch of the 2018 season (so far):