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MLB draft 2018: Tampa Bay Rays draft tracker and signing board

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How many of the team’s draft picks will join the organization?

MLB First Year Player Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Welcome to our 2018 draft tracker for the Rays.

I copied all positions from the team’s post-draft release and all classes from the tracker.

For a player’s class, that tracker counts redshirt sophomores as juniors, and “J2” stands for a player who completed two years at a junior college.

In the status column, I tried to include any concrete information or even rumors regarding a player.

If a player drafted in the 11th round or later signs, only bonus money over $125,000 counts against the spending cap.

If you see any information regarding a signing decision or bonus money for any player, please share it in the comments.

Tampa Bay Rays 2018 draft tracker

Name Rnd/Ovr Pos Class School Status Recommendation Bonus Difference
Name Rnd/Ovr Pos Class School Status Recommendation Bonus Difference
Matthew Liberatore 1/16 LHP HS Mountain Ridge HS (Ariz.) Signed $3,603,500 $3,500,000 -$103,500
Shane McClanahan 1C/31 LHP Jr South Florida Signed $2,224,400 $2,230,100 $5,700
Nick Schnell 1C/32 CF HS Roncalli HS (Ind.) Signed $2,171,700 $2,300,000 $128,300
Tyler Frank 2/56 SS Jr Florida Atlantic Signed $1,228,000 $997,500 -$230,500
Tanner Dodson CBB/71 CF/RHP Jr California Signed $850,700 $775,000 -$75,700
Ford Proctor 3/92 SS Jr Rice Signed $613,400 $572,500 -$40,900
Grant Witherspoon 4/120 CF Jr Tulane Signed $460,200 $460,200 $0
Taj Bradley 5/150 RHP HS Redan HS Signed $343,600 $747,500 $403,900
Miller Hogan 6/180 RHP Jr Saint Louis Signed $262,200 $225,000 -$37,200
Joe Ryan 7/210 RHP Sr Stanislaus State Signed $205,200 $147,500 -$57,700
Michael Berglund 8/240 C J2 Cisco Signed $165,600 $147,500 -$18,100
Nick Lee 9/270 RHP Jr Louisiana Signed $147,800 $145,300 -$2,500
Alan Strong 10/300 RHP Sr UNLV Signed $139,300 $7,500 -$131,800
Jacson McGowan 11/330 1B Jr Purdue Signed $125,000
Kevin Melendez 12/360 C HS Puerto Rico Baseball Academy Signed $125,000
Trey Cumbie 13/390 LHP Jr Houston Signed $125,000
Chris Gau 14/420 RHP Jr Jacksonville Signed $125,000
Nick Sprengel 15/450 LHP Jr San Diego Signed $125,000
Marvin Malone 16/480 OF Jr Southeastern Signed $25,000
Justin Montgomery 17/510 RHP Jr California Baptist Signed $100,000
Jake Palomaki 18/540 IF Sr Boston College Signed $4,000
Simon Rosenblum-Larson 19/570 RHP Jr Harvard Signed $85,000
Stephen Yancey 20/600 RHP Sr Texas Wesleyan Signed $3,000
Kerry Wright 21/630 RHP HS Montverde Academy Committed to Louisville
Jack Labosky 22/660 RHP Sr Duke Signed $1,000
Daiveyon Whittle 23/690 RHP J1 Fresno City College Signed $100,000
Keegan McCarville 24/720 RHP J2 South Mountain CC Committed to Santa Clara
Jordan Qsar 25/750 OF Jr Pepperdine Signed $15,000
Steffon Moore 26/780 LHP Jr West Alabama Signed $60,000
Heath Renz 27/810 RHP Sr Wisconsin-Whitewater Signed $2,000
Tanner Brubaker 28/840 RHP J2 Saddleback College Committed to UC Irvine
Russ Olive 29/870 1B Jr UMass Lowell Signed $29,000
Eric Cerantola 30/900 RHP HS Holy Trinity Catholic SS Will not sign
Michael Costanzo 31/930 LHP Sr Austin Peay Signed $2,000
Kaleo Johnson 32/960 IF Jr Montana State Billings Signed $25,000
Beau Brundage 33/990 OF Jr Portland Signed $297,500 $172,500
Dawson Dimon 34/1,020 C HS Quartz Hill HS Signed $65,000
B.J. Myers 35/1,050 RHP Sr West Virginia Signed $2,000
Kea'Von Edwards 36/1,080 IF J2 Cowley College Signed $100,000
John Rodriguez 37/1,110 IF HS Stoneman Douglas Will not sign
Garrett Wade 38/1,140 LHP HS Hartselle HS Will not sign
C.J. Willis 39/1,170 C HS Ruston HS Will not sign
David Luethje 40/1,200 RHP HS Vero Beach HS Will not sign
Total $12,415,600 $13,796,100 $12,500
Total + 5% $13,036,380
Remaining w/ no pen. $608,280