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Rays 3 Yankees 1: One out of four is...

Well it’s pretty bad but better than a sweep

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Happy Fathers Day, friends! Our recap crew was stretched a bit thin today so here you’ll find a brief summary, largely courtesy or Mr. Twitter, and a few observations. If you saw something in the game worthy of further discussion, tell us about it in the comments.

The Rays did all their scoring in a three run second inning, stringing together several hits:

As for the defensive side, the Rays had a true bullpen day, running out five pitchers. Wilmer Font got the Rays in the fifth, giving up one run on a solo homerun.

Jose Alvarado followed, and he was just a tad shaky but kept the score 3-1. Chaz Roe, Diego Castillo and Sergio Romo followed and were all impressive against the strong Yankee line up.

Some other thoughts:

  • Did Willy Adames do something to irritate MLB umpires? I could swear he is getting squeezed at the plate, and not just losing out an the really close calls but on several occasions getting the short end of some pretty badly missed calls. Seeing these tweets confirms some of my suspicions

  • I know I’ll provoke the ire of some of our readers for giving a shout out to an opposing player. But there is something really remarkable about C.C. Sabathia’s ability to remake himself. He had a good 10-12 years as the flame-throwing lefty who won a Cy Young Award and played on six All-Star teams. He lost his fastball, went through health and personal problems, and has somehow come out the other end as a crafty off speed guy. He’s in his eighteenth major league season and still manages to get guys out.
  • We’ve all been talking about the Baby Rays, and for good reason, but today was a chance for some of the Old Rays to say “I’m not dead yet”. Matt Duffy was three for four with two runs batted in; Adeiny Hechevarria returned from a long absence with sharp defense and three hits. Even Carlos Gomez was two for four with an RBI.
  • If any of you out there are still paying attention to pitcher wins as a reasonable statistic, please note that today’s winning pitcher was Chaz Roe. Wilmer Font was one out short of qualifying for the win as a “starter.”