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Archer says “questionable” to make next start

Will know more after a trip to the doc on the Monday off day.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Seattle Mariners Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

SEATTLE — Chris Archer spoke with the media before the game about his injury concerns from the night before. He’s still uncertain as to the nature and extend of the injury, but it is listed as “sore groin” for the time being, and will get it checked out on the upcoming off day. Archer also mentioned that he believes the injury happened before the 3rd inning, when he had a mound visit from the trainer.

Archer went on to say, “...since it’s something I never dealt with, it’s better to address it. Know what it is. That way we can know how to strengthen it and how to get better ASAP”

When asked if he thinks he will make his next start, Archer replied “It’s questionable”.

“He knows his body much better than I do. I don’t know how he’s feeling, but I’m not overly concerned. But I also think this a good time to get him a little bit of a break.” Kevin Cash told DRaysBay before the game.

Archer didn’t seem overly stressed, but certainly a bit frustrated with the possibility of having to miss time:

“Obviously it hurts, because the only thing I take pride in and have an ego about is pitching every 5 days. Regardless of the results, I want to be there for my team.”

“So I’m going to do everything I can to be out there, but not do anything silly to overexert myself”