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2018 MLB draft: Tampa Bay Rays select IF Tyler Frank with the No. 56 pick

The Rays continue to balance out their class with a college infielder.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With the No. 56 pick in the draft, the Rays selected infielder Tyler Frank from Florida Atlantic University.

In its third mock draft, FanGraphs actually predicted the Rays would select Frank, albeit with the No. 71 pick.

Baseball America ranked Frank as the No. 67 player in the class, and FanGraphs wasn’t far behind at No. 69. ranked him 73rd.

With their first four picks, the Rays have now selected a high school hitter, high school pitcher, college hitter, and college pitcher. They have two pitchers, an infielder, and an outfielder.

Frank is a versatile player, having spent time behind the plate and at shortstop with FAU. On Team USA, he added third base and left field to his resume.

BA reported he’s a “steady hitter with a mature approach at the plate” who may fit best at second base every day. In high school, he played with Lucius Fox, so he could be reunited with a former teammate in the future.’s tool grades line up with BA’s report, giving him a 50 (average) hit and 45 power while noting he has “a good gameplan at the plate.”

In all three seasons with the Owls, Frank has had more walks than strikeouts, and he’s hit 24 home runs over his last two seasons.